Welcome to Jonden

Linda Leal founded Jonden in 1981. In the early years, the company was driven solely by Linda's keen sense of fashion and creative approach to traditional designs. Relying on the popularity of Spandex pants, she launched the Jonden fashion line.

In the 1990's Jon and Denise (Jonden), Linda Leal's children, entered the business and rapidly expanded the product lines and customer base. Jon brought his extensive background in finance to the company and Denise, then an emerging designer, contributed fresh and innovative ideas and trends to meet the changing needs of the company's growing clientele. Joined by their father Sheldon, who has decades of experience in the textiles industry, the management team at Jonden has combined expertise to successfully meet the diverse challenges of running a demanding manufacturing operation. The company is renowned for its long tradition of offering high-quality,

leading-edge contemporary/career lines and today enjoys a reputation for being a chief provider of novelty knits in sportswear.

The Jonden family currently operates domestically and internationally in several countries in Asia and South America. Based out of the Jonden corporate offices in New York City, our highly trained experienced team is sought to service major private label programs, mass merchants, chain stores and several hundred specialty boutiques.

Jonden's expert design, production and sourcing teams will tailor speed-to-market options to meet your specific needs. Whether you are conducting business domestically or on an international scale, Jonden can fulfill all of your knit demands.

We look forward to servicing your company.